Why scripting?

Scripting is different from programming. Scripting is something you typically do to make your own life easier. Here are a couple of examples:

Scripting falls in a separate category of software development. You’re actually not developing software (though you may keep a collection of your more useful scripting around for occasional re-use). Rapid prototyping, ease of use, and programmer friendliness are key to get the most out of your scripting activities.

Pathomation supports both Python and PHP for scripting jobs.

Ready to scale?

Our SDKs are conceived in such a way that upgrading from PMA.start to our full blown PMA.core is a breeze. All you need to do is modify your connection statement.


core.connect()# standard connect statement for PMA.start


core.connect("http://www.yourserver.com/core", "username", "password");

And you’re good to go.

Looking for more inspiration?

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