35+ file formats; 4 viewing modalities; only 1 viewer 





Multiple operating systems




Image analysis capabilities

PMA.start runs on top of PMA.core.lite, which serves as a tile server.

Automatic image processing workflows through our open API

Convenient image analysis experiments with our and ImageJ- and QuPath-plugins

Utilizing our powerful webservice API and language-specific SDKs you can automate your image analysis workflows via scripting and use any image processing library you want.

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Through the ImageJ (FIJI) and QuPath plugins, you can bring any type of microscopic data into one of the most widely used image analysis programs on the market.

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Value proposition and key features

What do you get when you install PMA.start?


PMA.start is a free web based whole slide image viewer that:

  • is lightweight and zero footprint
  • interacts with a locally installed instance of PMA.core.lite
  • efficiently allows navigation of giga-pixel imaging data
  • can visualize brightfield, fluorescent and Z-stacking data
  • allows channel-selection for fluorescent imaging data


A locally installed server application, built using Microsoft .Net framework, that:


An advanced tool to transfer slides from your local hard disk to your professional PMA.core tile server.

More information about PMA.transfer can be found on our main website.


A free command-line tool to convert any whole slide image to DICOM-compatible storage containers.

More information about our Dicomizer tool can be found at our RealData blog.